About Us

Company Profile

The company Tone Dealings Pvt.Ltd. started in the earlies of 90s in Madurai,the famous temple city Of Tamilnadu is involved in exports, imports, marketing and trading.

The prime goal of this company is to satisfy the end customer by its quality in the production of food items and prayer products.

This company is engaged in the line of business integrated marketing network and earned the customer satisfaction for more than twenty years.

The uninterrupted supply of quality products at competitive range of prices has been the working policy of Tone dealings.

As an expansion and diversified activity of Tone Dealings Pvt. Ltd.,it entered into information technology and carried out a variety of web oriented business.

Consistency, resistance and performance are the main features of our company’s strength. Consistency capacity on purchase, stocking of raw materials, nice handling of human resources, smooth and streamlined production set up are taken care of.

We are keen in having consistency by all the way to carryout the activity without any interruption.

Resistance on problem, small to big, is our main strength. On running a business, in all the departments at every hour, a problem may arise and we are good at the resisting activity.

Consecutive and serious follow up by the relevant teams pillared to stand the company stronger than others. Both the consistency and resistance power helps the company to perform great.

The company firmly believes customer satisfaction is the quality to frame our policy. When the customer is satisfied, the quality is approved. This quality policy is maintained right from the beginning to end because quality is usually defined as the realistic state of the product or service, which is agreeable by the consumer or customer.